we need help

Hi im a sudent at the… http://www.archaeology.gu.se/ And at the moment we are doing a “projekt”. Where we chose the question how is the artcheology worlking today in germany / against the finds from the artcheology that was used during the Natzi -piriod, is it used/not used as its tabu/ or used as they dis some important finds? in our lessons we have been told that the Nazists has used artcheology as a front for spy`s ! How has the roll of artcheology effect the syudent of today in Germany? I wuld be greatful if anybody culd send me an e- mail as soon as possible on any input you have/any ideers we need your help!! all the best to all the german artcheology students in Germany [#bf0000]Britt[/#bf0000] biogallery@yahoo.com

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