Ancient Jordan on The Archaeology Channel

Friends and colleagues: Traces of the ancient human past are remarkably well preserved in the country of Jordan. Some of the most remarkable archaeological sites there are featured in Jordan: A Historical Review, the latest on-demand video presented by our public education website, [i]The Archaeology Channel[/i] ( Jordan lies at the crossroads of humanity. Its historical sites tell the story of a unique cultural past reflecting connections to Asian, African and European traditions. Located in the cradle of Old World civilization, that country and its many ancient cities and monuments illustrate the deep roots of the modern world. This video takes the viewer on a tour of some of the most visually impressive sites in Jordan, including ancient Philadelphia (modern Amman), Jerash, Pella, Petra, Umm Qais, and Karak. This and other programs are available on TAC for your use and enjoyment. If you feel that this project is a worthy endeavor, please participate in our Membership ( and Underwriting ( programs. Only with your help can we continue and enhance this nonprofit public-education and visitor-supported service. We also welcome new content partners as we reach out to the world community. Please forward this message to others who may be interested. Richard M. Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA President and Executive Director Archaeological Legacy Institute