Call for the 2nd Specialization Forum - July 3-9, 2011 - Ammaia/Portugal

EC FP7 Programme People” – Marie Curie Actions IAPP Project RADIO-PAST Second Specialization Forum “Non-destructive approaches to complex archaeological sites: geophysical and geoarchaeological survey” Ammaia (Marvão - Portalegre, Portugal) 3th – 9th July 2011 In the framework of the FP7 Marie Curie – People IAPP project “Radiography of the Past”, a series of three High Formation Summer Schools (2010-2012) will be organized. This second Summer School is especially concerned with geophysical and geomorphological survey of complex archaeological sites. Teaching strategy: theoretical topics and case studies which will imply field activities and applications with the aim to collect, process, map, visualize and interpret data sets based on the use of different methods connected with geophysical survey and the use of geomorphological approaches to sites. In the afternoon seminars for smaller groups will be also organized. Official language: English. Location: Museum of the archaeological site of Ammaia and Management Centre of the Parque Natural de Serra de São Mamede (São Salvador de Aramenha), in the municipality of Marvão, district of Portalegre in Portugal. Participants: up to 20 participants, master students, master degree holders or doctoral students and specialists wanting to deepen their experience in these topics. Participants will be selected on the basis of their CV. Their English proficiency must be good. The registration form (for admission request, available on line at must be submitted before April 8th, 2011, at the attention of Mrs. Cornelia Fischer by e-mail: Admitted participants will be informed in due time (before April 30th 2011) and they will be asked to pay the participation fee before June 1st 2011. A certificate of participation will be issued by Universidade de Évora. The attendance must not be less than 90% of teaching hours. Costs: As the teaching staff is partially financed by the EC, registration fee will be limited to: EURO 300, including didactic materials, accommodation and meals (full board) at the Parque Natural de Serra de São Mamede Management Centre, near the Roman city site of Ammaia. Scientific Committee • Cristina Corsi (University of Évora, P ; University of Cassino, I) • Frank Vermeulen (Ghent University, :sunglasses: • Bozidar Slapsak (University of Ljubljana, Sl) • Simon Keay (British School at Rome; University of Southampton, UK) • Cornelius Meyer (Eastern Atlas GbR, D) • Burckhart Ulrich (Eastern Atlas GbR, D) • Michael Klein (7Reasons , A) • Guenther Weinlinger (7Reasons, A) • Arjen Bosman (Past2Present, NL) • Sigrid Vanroode (Past2Present, NL) Invited lecturers • Armin Schmidt (University of Bradford, UK) • Morgan De Dapper (Ghent University, :sunglasses: • Helmut Bruckner (University of Cologne, D) • César Carreras Montfort (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, E) • Sarah Deprez (Ghent University, :sunglasses: • Tatjana Smekalova (University of Aarhus, DK) • Paul Johnson (University of Évora, P) Provisional program • Introduction and methods of geoarchaeology, lecturer: H. Bruckner • Case studies of geomorphological and geoarchaeological survey from the Mediterranean and the Near East; lecturers: H. Bruckner, M. De Dapper • Geoarchaeology of an ancient town and its territory: case study Ammaia; lecturer: S. Deprez • Geophysical prospection: an introduction to approaches, interpretation and data-integration; lecturer: A. Schmidt • Principles and applications of electric resistivity survey in archaeology; lecturer: C. Carreras Montfort • Intra-mural and extra-mural geophysical survey of Roman sites; lecturer: C. Carreras Montfort • Ground Penetrating Radar: principles and techniques; lecturer: A. Schmidt • Principles and techniques of magnetic survey for archaeology; lecturer: T. Smekalova • Experience with magnetic survey on sites in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe; lecturer: T. Smekalova • Total geophysics survey of a Roman urban site; lecturer: P. Johnson • Visualization, mapping and interpretation of geophysics results ; lecturer: C. Meyer • Geophysics and project management; lecturer: C. Meyer • Integration of geophysics and geoarchaeological survey; lecturers: C. Corsi, B. Slapsak, F. Vermeulen • Heritage management of complex survey sites; lecturers: S. Vanroode, A. Bosman Field demonstrations and labo-seminars on: • Coring operations, erosion modeling and reconstructing ancient topography • The use of GPR, electric resistivity and magnetic survey instruments in the field • Mapping and visualization of geophysical survey data • Interpretation of geophysical and geomorphological data • Ground-truthing and the integration of excavated with survey data and Summer School Secretariat Valentina Castro (University of Évora, CIDEHUS) Cornelia Fischer (University of Évora, Radio Past Project Management Office) Information WEB site : Official e-mail addresses for contact -; registration form 2011-1.doc (430 K:sunglasses: