Südafrikanische Student

Hi everyone,

Excuse my English.

I am a South African studying through the University of South Africa, BA in Anthropology & Archaeology. 

I am looking for an opportunity to do some sort of Ausbildung/Praktikum at a museum or a researcher in the area of Frankfurt.

I already tried the Hessisches Landesmuseum, but I have no idea where to start looking for more opportunities or information to help me.

Can anyone help me?

I live close by Frankfurt.  The Museums around that area have a hirering frieze.  You might be better off to look within the Universities that offer Archeology for teachers.  Teachers are needed in Germany unfortunately the system does not accept foreign diplomas.  You would have to start out from scratch because parents and students have decided  that teachers should come from German Universities. 

You can try the museum in my hometown:

vonderau museum fulda